Gas and electric kilns made by Helmut Rohde GmbH Germany
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Suppliers of Kilns and Equipment made by Helmut Rohde GmbH in Germany

  Rohde make the highest quality products backed with a *3 year guarantee on kilns

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Colin Priddle, Proprietor of Rohde-CTM

About Rohde Kilns (UK) Ltd

I have been selling Rohde Kilns since the end of 2003. At the time I was the managing director of CTM Supplies Ltd and after visiting Rohde I realised the outstanding quality of their products. Since then hundreds of the kilns and other Rohde equipment have been sold all over the UK.

In 2006 I sold the pottery supply business (now run under new management as CTM Potters Supplies) and set up a new venture to concentrate on selling Rohde Kilns and Equipment only.

This business is now called Rohde Kilns (UK) Ltd. In 2007 Rohde kilns will be sold from agents located all over the country.


About Helmut Rohde GmbH Germany

Colin Priddle
Managing Director


*3 year guarantee excludes elements